The vida story

We’re a social enterprise and educational initiative named in honour of 20th century women’s rights trailblazer,

Vida Goldstein

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Much like Vida herself, we’re fighting for a world where financial independence is within every young woman’s reach.

That’s why we became the first of our kind to introduce financial literacy to girls’ high schools across Victoria.

Our promise

We equip every young woman with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become financially literate within and beyond the classroom.

By the end of our workshops, every young woman will

a vida facilitator during a workshop

manage her spending habits and sets achievable savings goals. She will understand how our economy works, the origins of the gender wealth gap and the threat it poses to her financial independence.


interact with financial products, advisors and services, source financial tools and share her knowledge and skills with family and friends.


invest and grow her wealth sustainably, understand strategies to minimise financial risk, and out-smart financial hypes

The Vida Edge

What makes us so unique?

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Other school workshop programs

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Our curriculum aligns with national financial literacy guidelines and embeds the latest research in personal finance teaching

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Other programs often fail to adhere to basic guidelines*

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We strike a necessary and appropriate balance between gendered aspects of personal finance and structured content with key learning intentions

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A one-size-fits-all approach neglects certain financial attitudes and behaviours that give rise to the gender wealth gap in later life

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We provide the flexibility to mix and match topics across our four levels to run any number of workshops to suit students’ interests and schools’ needs

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Only offer a set number of school workshops, often failing to account for schools’ timetabling arrangements and unique topic preferences

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Our take-home resources and supplementary parent workshops support students’ learning beyond the classroom

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We are the first of our kind to run workshops for parents, helping to dismantle the taboo around money conversations at home

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We embed ourselves within school communities by recruiting recent school leavers as workshop facilitators to pass on their knowledge to younger students

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Often recruit solely via external means, rather than via school alumni networks

* Such as the 2011 National Consumer and Financial Literacy Framework, ASIC’s 2018 Financial Literacy Strategy and PISA’s OECD Financial Literacy Strategy

Meet the team behind vida

We’ve come together to eliminate the roots of the gender wealth gap

Angela Stevens

Co-Founder & Co-Director

Diya John


Workshops team

Margaret Campbell


Angus Kennedy


Samuel Rousso


Jacqui Low


Malena Frey


David Lawlor

Head of Workshops & Strategy

Creative minds

Abi Matula


Rhea John


Rhea Choudhary

Content creator

Caitlin Fleming

Co-founder and content creator

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